Our Vision

We are drawn to our work out of a deep, shared commitment to building vibrant and hopeful futures for children. Divorce is a reality in the lives of many children. We understand there is so much more to a divorce than a legal matter, which is why we created Our Family Forward. It is our vision that families move through the challenging transition of divorce with clarity, dignity and respect, and create a hopeful future for their children through effective co-parenting. Divorces and break ups are difficult, disorienting, painful life events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Effective Co-Parenting so Important?

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What is a Relationship Plan?

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What is a Parenting Plan?

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The Power of Pausing: A Simple Tool for Better Outcomes in Challenging Conversations

Have you ever found yourself embroiled in an argument with your co-parent about an emotionally-charged issue and wondered …

co parenting

We were such good co-parents, once.

It goes something like this.  You’ve done the hard work of getting unmarried with as much dignity and courage as possible. …

Children’s Issues

Children are always affected by their parents’ decision to divorce.  The question is, how?  Depending on a myriad …