Who We Are

We are experts at helping divorcing couples solve the family matters that are at the heart of divorce. We are specially trained to deeply understand the dynamics of families in transition. We use a child-centered approach and customize our services to the needs of your particular family.

In our work with you we will:

Listen to your concerns.
Assess what your family needs and spell out the tasks to be accomplished.
Educate you about how kids experience divorce and what they need from you.
Guide you in how to partner as co-parents, how to have difficult conversations and come to agreement, how to communicate and problem-solve across households.
Help you plan how you and your children will function as a family moving forward.

You will find us to be gentle, compassionate, firm and clear. While we work as neutrals, we have opinions about what works best for kids and families based on our decades of experience. We will offer you our opinions when needed while reminding you that you and your co-parent are the final decision makers for your family.

The two of us work as a team in a fluid way. We each have our specific skill sets that complement one another. Sometimes both of us will work with you. At other times you will meet with only one of us. If conflict is high between co-parents, we will recommend that both of us meet with you to contain the conflict and calm the room so that needed tasks (such as the Parenting Plan) can get done.

In working with Our Family Forward, you will be hiring two seasoned licensed psychologists with a track record of working effectively to produce a quality result. We are a cost-effective alternative to getting a Parenting Consultant or going to court.

Learn More About Us:
Deborah Clemmensen, M.Eq
Licensed Psychologist
Neutral Child Specialist

Elizabeth (Lee) Eddison, M.A
Licensed Psychologist
Neutral Coach




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