Co-Parenting Work After Your Divorce

The ink is dry on your carefully constructed divorce decree.  You and your co-parent are in separate homes.  You have made thoughtful decisions regarding your children and how to communicate with each other as co-parents.  What could go wrong now?

Well, let’s be human.  The best-laid plans for co-parenting come with a learning curve.  Recovering from an emotional shock takes time.  Old communication habits leading to conflict are hard to change, as are old stories of fault and blame.  And there can be new wrinkles to iron out as time passes and lives evolve.

We understand that many parents who are separating or getting unmarried are going to experience some difficulties adjusting to the new normal.  It is not uncommon for misunderstandings and frustrations to crop up.  You and your co-parent are still the same people, and you’ve gone through a very challenging time.

We believe that early intervention is the best prevention when problems crop up while learning the ropes of effective co-parenting.  We don’t want families to feel cut adrift from support, worrying that going to court may be the only way post-decree problems can be resolved.  Our Family Forward can be a resource for all family members when the adjustment is bumpy.  Our post-decree work is voluntary, out of court dispute resolution.

Sometimes problematic issues relate to old business, like differences in parenting philosophy. One parent might start loosening up on agreed upon routines for regular bedtimes or nutrition, or time spent in front of a screen.  A child might chafe at the parenting time schedule, and begin to resist transitions between homes.  Parents may be getting along, but suddenly a child starts acting out and blames the divorce.  A parent may start making unilateral rather than joint major decisions because discussions keep leading to arguments.  And a very common source of tension for parents and children is the introduction of new significant others into the lives of children.

Our Family Forward can guide you and your children through the emotional and logistical minefields that may exist after a divorce.  We can help parents decide whether to reinforce or update co-parenting agreements.  We can provide a safe place for you and your children to share concerns and ideas.  We listen, we share ideas and perspective and we help you solve problems.  It is our privilege to be a resource to support the healthy transformation of families after a separation or divorce.

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