Elizabeth (Lee) Eddison, M.A., L.P

Almost 20 years ago I began a second career as a licensed psychologist counseling individuals and couples on relationship issues. From the start I have been intrigued by what causes conflict and breakdown between people and what can be done to change their dynamic and help them find connection again.

I have worked with couples before, during and after marriage. I have led support groups for those who are separated or divorced and for those rebuilding after divorce. I have taught workshops on healthy emotional boundaries.

Since 2006 I have been a Neutral Coach in Collaborative Practice helping couples who have decided to divorce become the best co-parents they can be. This includes teaching them how to talk with each other about challenging issues in respectful ways that increase their chances of being heard and of arriving at agreements they can live with.

I am passionate about helping divorcing parents build a strong foundation for co-parenting during and after their divorce. Through Our Family Forward, my seasoned colleague Deb Clemmensen and I combine our skills, experience and expertise to serve the needs of both parents and kids.

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