Temporary Arrangements

The process of getting a divorce usually takes a while as you assemble necessary information to make informed decisions about your family’s future.  The question is, how can you and your family function best during this in-between time when you no longer consider yourself spouses but are not yet divorced?

Perhaps it’s challenging for you and your co-parent to co-exist under the same roof without palpable tension between you.  Perhaps you are already separated but can’t agree on how, when and where you will each spend time with your kids.  Perhaps you need help figuring out how and when you will communicate with each other about your kids’ needs and your parenting responsibilities.

These situations can all be addressed by creating temporary arrangements specific to your family’s needs.  Temporary means time-limited and not recorded in the legal documents that will be submitted to court.

Parents may worry that temporary agreements could set a legal precedent, and limit their long-term options.  To the contrary, in out of court dispute resolution, temporary agreements are not legally binding and do not constrain parents’ longer-term decisions.  Temporary agreements can be highly effective tools for solving a variety of short-term emotional and logistical challenges during a divorce process.  They are also a chance for families to try out a possible parenting time arrangement before deciding what will get recorded in the Parenting Plan.

As we assist you and your co-parent to come up with temporary living and parenting time arrangements, here are some principles we keep in mind:

  • helping your kids stay attached to both parents in a developmentally appropriate way
  • avoiding too many transitions for your kids
  • creating a predictable pattern that even young children can recognize

We can help you brainstorm options and suggest those that have worked well for other families.  Then you and your co-parent get to decide what temporary agreements will work best for your family.

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