Our Vision

We are drawn to our work out of a deep, shared commitment to building vibrant and hopeful futures for children.  Divorce is a reality in the lives of many children.  We understand there is so much more to a divorce than a legal matter, which is why we created Our Family Forward.  It is our vision that families move through the challenging transition of divorce with clarity, dignity and respect, and create a hopeful future for their children through effective co-parenting.

Divorces and break ups are difficult, disorienting, painful life events.  In addition to all the logistical turmoil involved, there is the grief of ending a relationship that at its beginning felt hopeful and affirming.  Divorce brings up feelings of shock, sadness, bitterness, anger, betrayal and fear for family members, all of which accompany the experience of significant loss.

Children are major stakeholders in what happens in their parents’ divorce, but have no authority or control over the outcome.  Conflict between parents hurts children and nicks away at children’s resilience whether parents are married or divorced.  Parents care for the needs of their children.  Co-parents do the same, but under two roofs rather than one.  This is often not an easy transition, and Our Family Forward can help.

We believe:

Children deserve the best safe parenting they can get from both parents.

Parents can benefit from experienced support and guidance to help manage
conflict, make decisions about family during and after their divorce or break up
and create respectful communication strategies for co-parenting.

The most effective parenting plans are centered around the developmental needs
of children, and after deeply listening to their thoughts and perspectives.

It creates safety and hope for children when parenting decisions can be made by
parents in a neutral, respectful out of court dispute resolution process.

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