Our Approach

We offer a customized approach for every family that starts with an initial two-hour meeting with both of us together.  At that time we will get an overview of your situation and what needs you have.

Some couples want guidance on how to tell their kids that they are getting a divorce.  Others want help figuring out the best living situations for themselves and their kids during and after the divorce.   Some people want to know what their kids need during this time of transition.  Others want guidance in how they can parent across two households when communication between co-parents is challenging.  Some couples wonder how they can live together until the divorce is done.  Others want to understand what’s expected of them in completing a Parenting Plan.

What are your primary concerns?   We will listen to you and offer our thoughts on how they could be addressed.   If some issues are more urgent we will focus on them first and recommend the order in which others follow.  By the end of that initial meeting we will offer you a plan for working with us that is particular to your family.

The number of meetings you have with us will depend on how much structure and support your family needs.  We will offer guidance to you on what has worked for other families going through divorce.  You decide what your family needs.

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